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  • Katie Smith

DIY Lisa Frank Forever Pencil Bag

This is a project in my Back-to-School Lisa Frank series!

Lisa Frank Foreverrrr! If you’re also on #TeamLisaFrank, then you’ll love this pencil bag!

I restyled a plain clear zipper bag by cutting out letters from vinyl- super easy! Even easier if you have a die cut machine (I used my Brother ScanNCut), but you can also cut them by hand it will just take a teeny bit longer.


  1. Plastic Pencil Bag

  2. Vinyl in Rainbow Colors

  3. Die Cut Machine OR Letter Stencil, Marker, and Scissors

I actually had every color of the rainbow in vinyl EXCEPT for orange, so I just used a permanent orange marker to color some yellow vinyl orange.

This project literally only has 2 steps.

1. Cut out the letters “Lisa Frank Forever” in rainbow colors. You can mix them up if you want, but I put them in the order of the rainbow, starting with red.

2. Peel the vinyl letters off of their backing and stick down onto the plastic pencil bag. You can use a ruler to help make sure you get them in a straight line.

See? I told you it was EASY! And I just proved that you can share your love for Lisa Frank without putting cheetah print on everything. Oh wait, I’m doing that too. 😉

If you love this, please share (facebook, twitter, pin) the 90’s kid love and I’d love to see your version! Feel free to send me a picture!

#lisafrank #tutorial

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