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DIY Hanging Christmas Baskets

You guys- It’s December already! That’s exciting, right? My Mom and I spent all day December 1st creating decorations for the porch (we put up our tree inside before Thanksgiving, but we waited to decorate the outside).

One of the things we created to decorate the porch were these hanging baskets.

We saw the basket pictured below on pinterest and loved it, however there was no tutorial, only a link to where you could buy them. We wanted to make our own, so we did, and now I’m sharing a tutorial incase you do as well.

We used fresh evergreen branches, and ornaments from our stash. We left out the Christmas lights, but you could certainly add in a pack of battery powered lights.


  1. Wire Hanging Baskets (meant to plant flowers in)

  2. Floral Wire

  3. Scissors or Wire Snips

  4. Evergreen Branches (You could use store bought faux evergreen, but we have a lot of fir trees on our property, so we just cut our own.)

  5. Ornaments

  6. Christmas Bling

Our evergreen branches were about 10 to 20″ each.

1. Start by removing the chains (to hang the basket) from your basket. They get in the way, so it’s just easier to take them off now, and put them back on later. I learned that from experience.

2. Cut some floral wire into 2″ pieces.

3. Take your wire basket and 1 evergreen branch, Hold the evergreen branch to the rim of the basket and use floral wire pieces to wire it on. I wired the ends of the branches and 1-2 wires around the middle of the branch. Just enough to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere.

4. Repeat step 3 until you have gone completely around the rim of the basket. I added 2 rows of evergreen, so that it was nicely covered.

5. Using some shorter branches, place them inside your basket, to fill it in.

6. Now take a variety of Christmas ornaments and baubles and place them inside your basket, amongst the fir.

You can also use ornament hangers to hang ornaments off the bottom/sides of the basket.

And there you have it! We made 5 of these baskets to hang from our porch and I love them. Once Christmas is over, it will be easy enough to take them apart and plant flowers in them when Spring gets here.

Here’s a little peak at the rest of our porch. We’re still working on it.

We made these “snowballs” with evergreens in them, by spray painting plastic pumpkins (leftover Halloween decor!) white and turning the faces to the back.

Want the tutorial for that Snowman Shovel? Get it on Craftbits here.

Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas? We never used to do a whole lot, but now that we have this amazing porch, how could we not? 😉

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