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DIY Glittered Gourds and Pumpkins

Well you guys, it is the first official day of Autumn which I am super excited about. The house that we just moved into had this huge wrap around porch that my Mom and I have been working on decorating and we wanted to add some pumpkins as Fall decorations, but we didn’t want to carve them.

We stopped by our local farmers market and they had pumpkins (for 29 cents a pound!) as well as these cool little gourds we bought. They also had some really amazing colored heirloom pumpkins, but we decided to just stick with these guys.

After they’d sat on our porch for about a week, I finally got around to getting out the glitter and giving them a bit of bling.

What you’ll need: Gourds or Pumpkins, Mod Podge or Adhesive, Foam Brush, Chunky Glitter.

1. Start by propping up or holding your gourd and applying glue to one end of it. I propped my gourds up on a plant stand, because I needed to take pictures and craft.

Now, if you want a really crisp glitter line, I would recommend taping a line around your gourd before applying the adhesive. I wan’t that picky, I wanted them to look like they’d been dipped in glitter so I didn’t use tape.

2. Hold your gourd over a large piece of paper or box and pour glitter over the adhesived end.

3. Let dry!

4. These are only temporary decorations for me, but if you want to last a long time, I would recommend using fake pumpkins and giving them a second coat of adhesive over the glitter to seal it.

I am loving having an actual porch to decorate instead of just a doorway! You will definitely be seeing a lot more “porch projects”!!

Also, if you’re wondering about the bandaid on my thumb in some of these photos- I had accidentally stabbed my thumb with a craft knife earlier in the day… Sigh. The craft life is rough.

Do you have a porch to decorate?


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