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  • Katie Smith

DIY Galaxy Themed Dot Grid Journal

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Hey friends, it’s a new week and time to share a new project for Tombow USA!  I had so much fun with this one. This week Tombow partnered with Archer and Olive to send us all some of their Dot Grid Notebooks. Despite my love for notebooks, I’d never working in a dot grid before, so after receiving my new notebook, I decided to start a bullet journal!

I love the idea of a bullet journal, but I hadn’t started one for the same reason I don’t use a planner much: I am such a home-body and don’t really make plans. So I’m using my bullet journal more for my weekly todo lists, blog projects, trackers, and other lists!

Today I’m going to show y’all how I put together a space inspired weekly spread. So grab your Dual Brush Pen Galaxy 10-pack and watch the video below to see how I put together this galactic background.

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  1. Dot Grid Notebook

  2. Tombow Dual Brush Pens

  3. Painters Tape

  4. Thin Washi Tape

  5. White Gel Pen

  6. Paint Brush + Water

  7. Start by sketching out your layout design, and then cover the areas you want to leave white with tape.

  8. Next, put a piece of thin washi tape down diagonally every 1” across the page.

  9. Now take the Galaxy Dual Brush Pen set, and scribble ink onto the page, then blend the colors together with a wet paintbrush. The paper inside of these Archer and Olive notebooks is lovely & holds up really well to ink, and had minimal ghosting EVEN WITH water.

  10. Once dry, peel up all of the tape!

How to Create a Galaxy Themed Page in Your Dot Grid Planner

To complete the page, I added some stars using a white gel pen, and then filled in my plans for the week. In the days where I had less planned, I used the extra space to add in some lettering creating a color block with a Dual Brush Pen and then writing over top with a Fudenosuke Soft Tip!

Want more galaxies?

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