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DIY Galaxy Lights

Hello Everyone! My name is Katie and I blog over at Running with a Glue Gun. I’m super excited to be a guest blogger on Punk Projects today and I’m hoping that your not getting tried of galaxies projects 😉

For a quick recap, the last time I was here I showed you guys how to make this Galaxy Frame DIY. My love of galaxies is still pretty strong, so I thought one more galaxy inspired project couldn’t hurt. So today I’ll be showing you guys how to make your own galaxy lights!

Supplies: Candle Jars, Tea Lights, Mod Podge, Black Tissue Paper, Paint (in black, blue, purple, pink and white), Paintbrushes, Scissors, Glitter (optional)

A Little Side Note: In this project I use a different technique to paint the galaxy but if you feel more comfortable with the older technique (in my Galaxy Frame DIY) then you can use that instead. Just make sure you paint the colors in the order of blue, purple, pink and white.

Step 1: Clean out your candle jar.

Step 2: Take your tissue paper and cut it into small squares. Then apply some Mod Podge to your candle jar and begin adding your squares. Keep repeating this process until your candle jar is complete covered. When your done, set your candle jar aside to dry.

Step 3: Using your paintbrush, lightly apply some blue paint all over your candle jar. I started with a splatter painting technique then gradually went back to build up my color. If your not comfortable with ”eyeballing” your paint, you can look at some galaxy photos for some guidance and inspiration. For this project I used this photo as a guide.

Step 4: Using your paintbrush, lightly apply your purple paint.

Step 5: Using your paintbrush, lightly apply your pink paint. While your paint is drying you can sprinkle on some glitter for that extra touch.

Step 6: Dip your paintbrush into some white paint and start ”splatter painting”. Just flick your paintbrush here and there until you get the look of ”stars” on your jar.

After this step I went back and added more of each color, however you could add as little or as much paint as you like.

When your paint is all dry, pop in your tea light and your ready to use your new galaxy light!

Be sure to stop by Running with a Glue Gun for more crafting inspiration!


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