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DIY Galaxy Bottle Cap Magnets

As I mentioned in my Galaxy Marquee Art and my Galaxy Notebook, you can download free images taken by the Hubble on the HubbleSite. I think galaxy images are so magical, so I used some images to make these fun magnets with a few bottle caps that my friend, Dana, was kind enough to send me.

Supplies: Bottle Caps, Magnets, E6000, Galaxy Images, Mod Podge, Resin

1. Print out your galaxy images, I printed mine out wallet sized. Cut them down to 1″ circles.

2. Coat your galaxy images in mod podge and adhere them down into your bottlecaps.

3. Fill your bottle caps with clear/ice resin. If you don’t have any resin, try an alternative like Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Let it cure.

4. Use E6000 to adhere magnets onto the back of your bottle caps. Let them dry.

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