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DIY Fabric Sketchbook Cover with Elastic Pockets

Did you guys know that today is International Tea Day? I had no idea until earlier today. I LOVE tea. Hate coffee, Love tea. So I was excited to find this out.

I’ve been hoarding this tea bag fabric for about a month now, so I decided today was obviously the perfect day to use it for something. I enjoy jazzing up my sketchbooks and notebooks, and this one was still plain and needed a restyle. Why not tea themed?

I’m sharing the tutorial of how I restyled my sketchbook with fabric, just incase you have a sketchbook in need of love, or have a certain fabric that you’ve been hoarding as well.

I added a little elastic strip to hold pencils or watercolors. It’s super handy.

Supplies: Sketchbook, Half Yard of Fabric, Sewing Machine, Iron, Craft Glue, Elastic

1. Measure your sketchbook. Mine is 9.5″x12″.

2. Add a half inch to your measurements, and cut your fabric. I cut my fabric at 10″x12.5″.

I did fabric for both the front and the back of my sketchbook, but you could, of course, just do the front.

3. Use your iron and iron down a 1/4″ seam on the edges of your fabric.

4. Cut a piece of elastic the width of your hemmed fabric, mine is 9.5″ Decide where you want it on your sketch book. I put mine around the middle.

Pin it down.

5. Stitch around the edges, sewing through both layers of the hem and stitching the ends of the elastic down.

My elastic slipped a little when I was stitching it, so it’s a little crooked. Be sure to pin it well so this doesn’t happen.

6. Take your favorite pencils, markers or paint brushes and lay them out on your elastic, getting an idea of how large they are.

You can freestyle it, or use a pencil to mark out where you need to stitch your elastic.

7. Use your sewing machine to stitch your elastic down to your fabric. I stitched mine about 1/2″ apart, using the backstitch on my sewing machine to stitch over the elastic 3-4 times to make sure it’s secure.

8. Apply a strong craft glue to your sketch book cover and place your fabric over it, using your hands to press it down slightly.

I put a little extra glue underneath where the elastic is, to make sure it stays put when I’m pulling pencils in and out.

Let dry.

Happy International Tea Day, you guys! I’m on, like, cup number 6 (?) of the day. I love tea. So, are you a tea or coffee person? I won’t hate you if you say coffee, but I may try to convince you that tea is better.

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