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DIY Embossed Tin Foil

The other day I wanted to play around and do a “just for fun” project/technique. So I grabbed my Spellbinders Artisan X-plorer machine (it’s a manual die cut machine), a couple of embossing plates and some tin foil from the kitchen.

Yep, these are made from tin foil.

If you’re curious just how to emboss tin foil, here’s how I did it:

1. Cut some foil down to whatever size you want to emboss/will fit in your machine. My artisan x-plorer machine only fits media up to 4.25″ so mine are fairly small.

2. Place 1-2 sheets of foil in your embossing folder, and stack it in between your base plate and adapter plate. You may need to adapt these instructions to whatever manual embossing machine you own.

3. Run your plates/folder through you machine, and then open the embossing folder up and you should have a piece of embossed tin foil! It’s that easy!

I also wanted to add color to mine, because I just love color. If you want to, here’s how:

You’ll need some alcohol inks and an alcohol ink applicator. Squirt a few drops of ink onto the applicator and then apply it to the foil however you wish.

You can just smear it on, tap it around up and down, or skip the applicator all together and just drop the ink directly onto the foil. I did a little bit of all three.

Here are the foils I ended up with:


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