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DIY Decor Tape Cart

Hey everyone, Happy Thursday! Today I am sharing this on the Hazel and Ruby blog. It is a simple way to restyle a thrifted cart!

I’m a huge fan of vintage (or modern, although I still haven’t managed to get a RASKOG cart!) rolling carts. I don’t know why, but I love them!

Today I wanted to share this vintage typewriter cart that I found at a garage sale, and restyled using some Krylon Paint and DIY Decor Tape.

I had actually painted the cart a while back, with a white top and colored legs, as you see it below next to my map cart.

But the other day I realized that the plain white top gets a bit dirty. So I wiped it off, and got out a couple of my favorite DIY Decor Tapes.

Restyled Cart using Hazel & Ruby's DIY Decor Tape

I put a strip of the 4″ Teal DIY Decor Tape down the middle, because it matched the color of the cart’s legs perfectly, and then I added the 8″ Golden Dots DIY Decor Tape on either side of it as well as on the side ledges of the cart.

Restyled Cart using Hazel & Ruby's DIY Decor Tape

Restyled Cart using Hazel & Ruby's DIY Decor Tape

I love how easy it is to apply DIY Decor Tape to things like this, for a quick restyle!

Hop on over to the Hazel and Ruby blog if you want to see more ideas for using the DIY Decor Tape!

Do you have an obsession with carts as well? 🙂


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