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DIY Button Ombre Frame

A friend recently gave me a bag full of random craft supplies that she hasn’t used, and I found this little wooden frame just waiting to be altered. I thought about painting a cute pattern or using paper but I’ve been wanting to to a button craft lately.

So I dug into my buttons and this is what I came up with! I also put together a tutorial for you guys. 🙂

Supplies: Wooden Picture Frame, Paint, Paint Brush, Buttons in different shades of one color + white, Adhesive

1. Paint your wooden frame. I painted mine a mint color to go behind my blue buttons. But if you’re doing pink buttons, I’d go with pink or white paint.

2. Once you’ve chosen a pile of buttons in the colors you want, glue them on in an ombre pattern. I started by gluing a row of white button on the top and dark blue on the bottom. After that I filled in between with light blue and white.

3. If you used hot glue, (like me!) remove all of the hot glue strings. 😉

4. Add a picture to the back and you’re all done! Since my frame is blue ombre and my room is travel/ocean themed I used a recent picture I took from Florida.

Here’s a peek of it on top of my dresser with a few other trinkets/crafts.

I really love this picture frame. Button projects are always a favorite of mine.

Quick tip– Not enough buttons in the color you want? Use a permanent marker to color white buttons in the color you want! I did that for a few blue buttons.

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