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Custom Star Trek Into Darkness Toms

I received a request for a pair of custom Star Trek Into Darkness themed Toms shoes and I must say I love these shoes! I loved Star Trek Into Darkness so I was excited to get a request for these.

I actually rewatched the new movie (for about the 3rd time, I think?) while I was designing these. I’ve got the crew of the Enterprise scattered around the shoes, as well as Khan on one side of the shoe. On the front of the left shoe I decided to do the scene where it’s the Enterprise vs the Vengeance, So I painted outer space behind the 2 ships.

If you’re interested in my custom shoes, please check out my Etsy shop for more info! 🙂

I’m currently having a Pre-Christmas sale in my shop, so you can use the code CHRISTMASSHOES to get 20% off your order!

I also now offer custom shoes in kid sizes! You can purchase them here.

I can do almost any design you’d like (you can see above a few of the requests I’ve gotten.) Just go to my etsy store and use the coupon code CHRISTMASSHOES at checkout, expires on December 5th. I have 2 types of custom shoes:

  1. Generic Brand Custom Shoes

  2. Toms, Vans or Converse Custom Shoes

  3. Generic Brand Custom Kid Shoes

  4. Toms, Vans or Converse Kid Shoes

If you are ordering these as Christmas presents, please order them by December 5th! If you order after Dec. 5th, please be willing to pay for express shipping or I cannot guarantee they will get to you by Christmas.

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