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Custom If I Speak True Book Bags

Today is the release date of the YA book If I Speak True by Author Jessica Brooks. Jessica asked me to design a custom tote bag inspired by the book. I actually made 2, because I couldn’t decide on *just one* design.

Here’s a look at the awesome cover designed by Icey Books.

For this first tote bag, painted a night sky with lots of stars and also drew Dahlia and Rowan (The 2 main characters from the book) and framed them with a wreath. The quote “It’s time, time to reach for the stars.” is from the book and I liked it so I put it on the tote.

Every character in the book is named after flowers and trees, so for this next tote I wanted to use lots of flowers. Dahlia, Aster, Acacia, Sage, they’re all names in the book. I’m really thrilled with how my Dahlias turned out, I love drawing flowers.

I’m super happy Jessica asked me to design these, I really enjoyed it and If I Speak True is a really great book if you like to read!


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