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  • Katie Smith

Copic Tips and Resources

I’ve been getting more and more into using Copics. I’ve always thought they would be really neat to use, but at $7 a marker I was a bit hesitant to actually buy any and use them. I’m sure you can understand.

I bought a couple on clearance or with a 40% off coupon to play with and try out and I was not at all disappointed. I was hooked! So while my collection still isn’t huge, I was lucky enough to receive some as a birthday present (YAY!) so it’s slowly growing!

I’m still extremely new to coloring with alcohol ink markers, so I’ve done a lot of googling and pinteresting tutorials and tips. I figured I go ahead and share those with you here in case you to are looking for some tips!

First- what are Copics? They’re high quality alcohol ink markers. The alcohol ink allows you to blend the colors together unlike water based ink markers. They also have replaceable nibs and can be refilled.

Here are 25+ tutorials, tips and helpful info for using Copic and alcohol ink markers:

Getting started and buying markers:

  1. Copic color chart– Copic Markers

  2. How to use Copic markers– Debbie Hodge

  3. How to buy Copic markers– Debbie Hodge

  4. Copic markers you need in your starter set– Debbie Hodge

  5. 6 tips for getting started with Copics– Debbie Hodge

  6. Copic Colorwheel– Copic Markers

  7. Copic Swatch Book– Some Odd Girl

Copic Coloring Tutorials:

  1. Copic Marker Techniques– Copic Markers

  2. How to blend with Copics– Debbie Hodge

  3. Copic Marker Blog (Lots of tutorials)

  4. Coloring eyes– Some Odd Girl

  5. Coloring gradients– Make it Crafty

  6. Using the blending marker– Debbie Hodge

  7. Adding Texture with the blender– Some Odd Girl

  8. Coloring fabric folds– Marlena’s Paper Paradise

  9. Color of the Day– Dove Art Studio

  10. Coloring Black– I Like Markers

Coloring Hair and Skin:

  1. Coloring Black hair– Some Odd Girl

  2. Coloring red hair- Some Odd Girl

  3. Coloring dark brunette hair– Some Odd Girl

  4. Coloring blonde hair– Some Odd Girl

  5. Coloring light skin tones– Copic Markers

  6. Light and Shadows– Copic Markers

Copic Maintenance:

  1. How to refill markers– Copic Markers

  2. How to replace marker nibs– Copic Markers

  3. Air brush system guide– Copic Markers

  4. Copic Storage Bag– Some Odd Girl

  5. Copic FAQ– PaperFections

If you have any favorite tutorials or tips, I’d love to check them out. These markers are amazing but they definitely take some practice.

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