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Colorful Art Journal Pages with Bonita Rose

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DIY – Colorful Art Journal Pages by Bonita Rose!

Many have asked me how I create the bright and vibrant backgrounds I use for my art journal pages and my framed art pieces. Let me tell you how!

My Art Prints are available here.

Step 1: I use watercolor crayons, any brand will do – scribble on some watercolor paper with the colors that I love at the moment, take a wet brush and see those colors come alive and bleed together. Let dry.

Step 2: Next I take some of my favorite masks and stencils, and using spray inks (Mister Huey, SEI Tumble Tie Dye, Glimmer Mists, or others) I stencil and mask over top of the colored watercolor paper, till I’m happy with the results. Let dry. Note: One of the most favorite supplies I have in my stash is Punchinella! Click here to get yours, it’s in my shop!

Step 3: Depending on my mood, I play with Liquitex Acrylic inks, and using a wet brush or just my finger.. I play with more color.. drawing circles, hearts, you name it!

Step 4: At this point, you can play with ink pads and your favorite stamps and add text or images to your page, Voila!

Let everything dry and use these pages as backgrounds for your journal pages, or embellish even more with photographs and texts for some one of a kind Art!

Anything goes. Play with color. And most of all? Have fun! XOXO —-My name is Bonita Rose and I’m currently living on the flat plains of Fargo ND USA. I’m married to the love of my life, Greg and we live here with the cutest dog in the world. Her name is Angel. In late December of this year 2012, we’re going on an adventure and moving to the East Coast of Florida. To live by the sea. I am a mother to my two teenage daughters, Sara and Bethany – they are the other loves of my life. Sara is currently working and just moved into her first apartment in Winnipeg, Canada and my youngest, Bethany – is looking forward to her first year at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

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