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  • Katie Smith

Colorado Photography part 2

I took SO many photos while I was in Colorado for a month. Like hundreds. I am just sharing a select few with you here, the ones I love the best, so that I don’t totally overwhelm you with a gazillion photos of mountains.

I took a few hikes by myself early in the morning so that I could watch the sunrise from up on top of the rock dikes. It’s pretty magical.

I also took a couple of selfies of myself and the landscape. Normally I would feel really weird posing like this, but considering I was the only person out on the mountain, I could be weird without anyone knowing. 😉

We took a trip out to the Great Sand Dunes national park in Alamosa which was really cool. If you’re ever out that way then you must stop for a visit!

My aunt and Uncle have a couple of hives of honeybees. I had to take some photos of them, of course!

There are just so many wonderful opportunities for good photos in Colorado. Beautiful scenery and so much amazing wildlife.

and lastly, Colorado has the brightest rainbows I have EVER seen.

There you have it, part 2 of my favorite photos of the hundreds I took. I guess you know you’re a photographer when….. When it’s so hard to choose one out of a hundred photos to share. Consider yourself lucky there are only 13 photos in this post.

Next week I plan to share some of my astrophotography attempts!


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