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  • Katie Smith

Colorado Photography part 1

As you may know, I spent the Summer traveling. For the first month of the Summer I was visiting family in southern Colorado- which is gorgeous!! There are so many wonderful photography opportunities there and so I took advantage of them!

I took a ton of photos, so here are just a few of them, I’ll be doing multiple photo posts in the next month.

The Spanish Peaks region of Colorado is world famous for its dikes, what you see in the photograph below. They were formed by magma and just stick up like walls, which is pretty cool.

The mountain in the photo below is Silver Mountain.

The two big mountain peaks are the Spanish Peaks in southern Colorado. One is about 12,000 ft in elevation and the other is 13,000.

As you can see the neighbors horses were extremely friendly (and huge! but beautiful) and so very photogenic.


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