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  • Katie Smith

Colorado Astrophotography

Here are some more photos from my trip to Colorado early this Summer! This time, my attempts at astrophotography, taking photos of the stars.

This is only about my 5th time doing astrophotography, so I’m definitely still learning! I haven’t mastered focusing in the dark yet.

Southern Colorado has one of most amazing night skies I’ve ever seen! Where I was staying was about 30 minutes away from the closest town, and even that town was tiny. So there was no light pollution.

The milky way makes me feel so small.

The next photos are all from the Rocky Mountains national park in northern Colorado. They have amazing skies too (and gorgeous mountains)!

It’s only slightly scary, being out at 2 am by yourself in the middle of nowhere when you know there are bears out there too. 😉

But seriously, when this is the view from my tent, how am I supposed to NOT get up?

Are you amazed by the stars too? You can see more of my photography here.


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