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Christmas in July- 6 Stylish Christmas Crafts

Guys! There are only 5 months until Christmas! And yes, I’m counting! I’m currently hanging out in Arizona and it is HOT. So, can you really blame me for counting down the days to cooler weather and to the most magical time of the year? Yeah, I thought not. 😉

If you’re counting down the days like me, here are 6 fun, stylish, Christmas themed crafts to inspire you!

  1. Recycled Magazine Snowflakes

  2. Balsa Wood Diamond Ornament

  3. Fringed Christmas Tree Garland

  4. Mod Light Up Trees

  5. PVC Pipe Wreathe

  6. Confetti Wrapping Paper

Do you plan ahead for Christmas or are you more of a last minute person?


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