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Canvas Peacock Feather Shoes

These are my most recent canvas shoes and I had to share them because I think they’re pretty cute! They are actually a birthday present for my friend, she’s always pinning peacock colored things to her pinterest boards so I decided to design her a pair of custom shoes with peacock feathers on them!

For the background, they start blue on the back and and then fade to a purple/burgundy color on the toe in an ombre style. I actually like the feathers on the blue better, but I think the ombre is fun.

If you’re interested in a pair of my custom shoes, just go to my etsy store. I do 4 types of shoes-

  1. Generic Brand Custom Shoes

  2. Toms, Vans or Converse Custom Shoes

  3. Generic Brand Custom Kid Shoes

  4. Toms, Vans or Converse Kid Shoes

To see my portfolio of shoe designs, go here.

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