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Button! Button! Book Review

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the book Button! Button! 50 Cute and Crafty Projects by Terry Taylor.

I picked up a copy at the bookstore, because I love button projects and I saw some cute things when I flipped through it. I already have a couple of button books, so it’s not like I needed another but There are so many different ways to use buttons and there are so many ideas in this book.

What really caught my eye was those adorable button flowers on the cover. Aren’t they awesome?

Here’s a little blurb from the publisher: “Whether they’re candy-colored plastic or retro-chic, buttons seem to go everywhere these days: delightfully decorating jewelry, embellishing home décor, and more. And anyone who knows how to use glue and do basic stitching and stringing can complete these 50 stylish, versatile projects with no problem at all. “Button up” a simple lampshade so that the light creates a fabulous graphic pattern of silhouettes. Craft a boutique-worthy brooch out of tiny vintage Bakelite bird buttons embroidered on felt ovals and set it in a sterling silver pre-made pin. The clean, contemporary photography that showcases the projects will appeal to today’s crafter—and amusing tidbits focus on such fun topics as button museums, the self-proclaimed Button King, and button lingo.”

There is a mix of all types of projects in this book-

  1. Home Decor

  2. Accessories

  3. Jewelry

  4. Paper Crafts

  5. and so much more!

I love the button “eye candy” included in this book. Besides the projects, there is also a ton of pictures and information on buttons. “Anatomy of a button”, “Tools of the Trade”, “Crafting Basics” and even information on “Collecting Buttons”.

The directions are pretty easy to follow as far as the projects go although there aren’t really any step-by-step pictures.

I’d say this book is a must have if you like buttons, have a huge button collection or are wanting to get into button projects! Check out Button! Button! by Terry Taylor on Amazon here.


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