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  • Katie Smith

BOLD- An Art Journal Zine

Today I have another art journal zine to share! You can find the previous zines I’ve participated in here- Space, Sea.

This time we made a zine for Sharon. She’s super talented and is always making really fun collages. Vanessa, Julia and I (The Zine Squad) collaborated with Lauren to make a zine for Sharon, to remind her to always be bold.

This time I created the cover, using just black cardstock. I really wanted to make it colorful, but I felt the black with the white lettering was very bold, so I went for it. I followed Vanessa’s tutorial on how to bind with a pamphlet stitch.

For the first page, I did sort of a “dictionary page”, by putting a description of the word Bold.

My favorite page our of all of those I did, was probably this lion. When we first decided on the bold theme, I immediately knew I had to do a lion in some way. I sketched him on, and then went a bit crazy with watercolors.

Now you know it’s nearly impossible for me to do a project that isn’t inspired by space in some way. I mean, what’s a bold zine with a reference to Star Trek? I kept the reference very small. Just a little “boldly go”, over a background of a gelli print, and a star chart.

Vanessa made the gorgeous page on the right.

This page, while I like it okay, is not my favorite. It just seems a little too messy. But none the less, it has a good message, right?

The page on the left is by Lauren.

I love collaborating on art journals like this! I highly encourage you guys to go visit their blogs and see the rest of the zine!

  1. Julia

  2. Lauren

  3. Vanessa

More secret zines may, or may not, be in the works! 🙂 Okay, so they are. You’ll be hearing about those soon.

Which is your favorite page?

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