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  • Katie Smith

An Update

Hey friend, It's been a while since I really updated my blog with everything that's happening, as I have primarily hung out with you on instagram, but I want to get back into blogging, and I have a few things to tell you, so here we go!


I moved from Washington state alllll the way down to the opposite corner of the US to Florida. This was a big change, I loved my time in the PNW and I will miss it like crazy, but it's time to explore Florida for a little while.

I didn't create any art for about 2 months while I was moving (packing, purging, 7 day road trip, unpacking, etc), and that’s the longest I’ve gone without creating in years. It was a nice break but creating is so much a part of me that’s it was hard not to be making things and I am trying to get back into my routine.


I combined my 2 instagram accounts into one! For the past 5 years or so, I have had 2 separate instagram accounts, @katie_smith_art for my oil paintings and adventure photos, and @studio.katie for my art journals and craft projects.

Lately I have been feeling like I want everything together, to simplify, and to just be *me*, you know?

So I am posting all of my work on @studio.katie now, so it will be more authentic, and showcase all of my art, nature, and more.


So! I can't believe I haven't shared about this here, and if you follow me on instagram you already know, but this is an update:

I started a second creative business brand with my Sister Taylor: Shop Studio Sisters.

In 2020 we started a new etsy shop that was super successful, and we now sell my art as stickers on etsy here. Be sure to check them out if you love stickers! I mean... Who doesn't?

We learned so much about what makes a successful etsy shop, what to do, what not to do, and we want to teach everyone else, other artists and creatives, how to make a profit on their art as well!

So we've taken everything that we know and turned it into a step-by-step course, teaching YOU how to make more sales and grow you handmade business on etsy and instagram. We put so much helpful information into this course, and we are so excited to share it with you.

I love helping other artists grow and sell their work too, so if this sounds interesting, check out our website here.

Besides the course, we also have a ton of really great free resources for etsy sellers on our website!

My fine art:

This is another long overdue update, lol. In 2019 I took a year long online art course called the Mastery Program from Milan Art Institute.

I received my first set of oil paints in 2018, and let me tell you- they became my favorite medium very quickly! But I wanted to learn more, and an artist that I really look up to, Dimitra Milan, started offering online courses that I decided to take, invest in myself and my skills, and to learn.

I learned so much, although 2020 happened during the time that I was taking the course, it took me a bit longer than a year to finish it, but I graduated the Mastery Program, and I learned SO MUCH about art and oil painting, and would recommend it to anyone interested in learning fine art.

Website update:

You may have noticed the redesign here, but I also changed hosts for my website to something that was a bit easier for me (as someone who doesn't code) to work on.

Unfortunately, that means that all of my post URL's changed, so any links to my website are broken now. That resulted in A LOT of pins that don't point to this new website, which is a bummer. Oh well.

and that's pretty much it.

A lot has changed here in the past year or so, but what hasn't, right?

I am going to try and post more often here on my blog, more of my thoughts about art, DIY's, Tombow projects, etc.

However, my favorite place to hang out is still instagram, so come say hi on @studio.katie! You'll find my posts and reels showing fun tutorials with Tombow markers, looks at my paintings, and my favorite nature inspirations.

Come DM me and say hi!

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