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  • Katie Smith

Adventures in Watercolor Portraits

Good morning everyone! Today I’ve got something fairly new to share-

I’ve always loved coloring, colors, markers, crayons, paints, etc. Pretty much any type of coloring medium. I love drawing and I’ve done pencil portraits before but one thing I never really tried was painting portraits.

Recently I have been using watercolors (an inexpensive Mr. Huey set, if you’re wondering what brand) to paint pets!

I painted the dachshund just for fun (for my Aunt), and then I got the request to paint the 2 little french bull dogs, and then a sheep, and then even a family portrait! All from posting pictures of my art on facebook!

Watercolored Bulldog Painting by Katie Smith

The portrait is of the amazing Caylee Grey, her Husband and her cute doggie. If you want some gorgeous art journaling and project life inspiration, hop over to her blog.

I’ve been having so much fun doing these. I was considering listing some in my etsy shop, would anyone be interested?

#drawings #etsy #painting

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