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Adventures in Gelli Printing

I recently discovered the art of gelli printing. I really wanted to try it, so I decided to go ahead and splurge on a Gelli Plate by Gelli Arts. (the small plate is $20. I hate shopping, so that’s splurging for me.) I like the idea of printing, and creating my own designs.

What is gelli printing? I just started so, I’m probably not the best one to ask, but it’s basically monoprinting using a gelatin block.

What is monoprinting? Monoprinting is to make an impression on paper, the process only allowing one print to be made. There are many different techniques that can be described as mono-prints, from potato printing to screen-printing, the word does not describe the process but rather the amount of impressions that can be made.

Here are a few of the prints I made recently, these first few are my favorites.

As you can see below, they don’t all turn out very pretty. But, you can always add more layers or cut them up to use in collages, journals, etc.

Have you tried gelli printing? Do you have any favorite tutorials or techniques? If so, please share!!

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