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  • Katie Smith

A Sunrise Collab Journal

This is a project I started way back at the start of the Spring, and am just now blogging! It’s a Sunrise themed art journal!

Dawn is my favorite time of the day and I love watching the sunrise and taking photos of it. After chatting with my friend Sasha about sunrises and sunsets, we decided to create a couple of collaborative journals, with my being sunrise themed and hers sunset.

I’m sharing my finished journal here, and it has artwork from both of us in it! We both created accordion journals, which are always fun.

^ my cover

Sasha sketched a portrait of me in my journal, which I think is amazing! I was so surprised when I first saw that page above.

Because I have such a stash of sunrise photos that I take, I included some of them here in this journal.

I’m really in love with how this journal turned out, it’s the perfect way to show my love of sunrises!

#artjournal #getmessy

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