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  • Katie Smith

A Brave Zine

Today I’m sharing something new- I created a zine! I’m part of an art journaling community called Get Messy Art Journal challenge (learn more here) and this was inspired by one of the prompts earlier this year.

The challenge was to create a zine, inspired by bravery. A zine is basically a mini magazine or story. I did mine with sort of a comic book style. I spent a while browsing zines and ideas on pinterest and then I used some quotes (and some of my own words) and got started.

These pages are all just doodles and then watercolors. I kept it nice and simple, but it was really fun to make. I drew out the whole thing and then went back in with my paint.

Do you read magazines or zines? I’ve never really read any zines, but this one was fun to make!


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