• Katie Smith

30 Days of Watercolor- Completed!

For those of you wondering how I did on my 30 days of watercolor challenge, I wanted to let you know that I finished it! And I successfully did one watercolor every day in October!

There were a couple of days when it was about 8:30 at night and I realized I hadn’t done one yet. I’m not a night person, so the thought of staying up to paint wasn’t all that pleasant, but with some encouragement from facebook (my friends, obviously) I did it anyway!

Here is a little collage of all of my pages- The first 2 weeks were more flora and fauna, while the second 2 weeks were more portraits.

Around the 17th I decided I wanted to do a week of geek themed paintings (geek week!). It actually lasted a little longer than a week, with 9 paintings. I’ve got Star Trek, Stargate, Sherlock, Jurassic World, X-Men, and Napoleon Dynamite.

Some, I’m really impressed with, and others are just so-so, in my opinion. Either way though, it was a GREAT challenge!

I definitely want to do it again sometime next year.

This month, I am making 30 days of Christmas Cards.

What’s your favorite drawing/painting medium?

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