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30 Days of Lists

I bet you make all sorts of lists…

  1. …grocery lists

  2. …wish lists

  3. …books you’d like to read

  4. …meals for the week

  5. …bills to pay

  6. …to do lists

Register for 30 Days of Lists – September 2012 and join us for the fourth semi-annual challenge to make one list each day for the month of September! All you need is a few minutes…heck, you can even download a list of all of the lists we will be sharing throughout the month all at once to get a head start!

Being a Punk Projects reader, I know you’re probably looking for a way to make this challenge as creative as possible! We’ve got you covered!

Here are some tutorials on how to make your own mini-album to house your lists:

  1. Create your own SMASH-type book so you have plenty of room for your lists

  2. Or maybe a mixed-paper daybook-style book is up your alley

  3. Turn magazine pages into envelopes for hidden journaling

  4. Download some fancy digital bullet points for your lists…who doesn’t love a good bullet point?

While The Big 10 Art Journaling Adventure, the class Katie and Taylor just finished hosting, is now available as a PDF download, 30 Days of Lists does not start until September 1st and the private blog will be available for at least one year.

Don’t wait to register! If we hit 300 registered Listers by the end of September, we will give away Photoshop Elements 10 to one lucky Lister! That’s right, just by registering for the challenge, you will be automatically entered to win Photoshop Elements 10 if we reach 300 registered Listers!

Have you participated in 30 Days of Lists?

What kinds of lists do you make on a regular basis?

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