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Creative CV

Katie Smith

Katie Smith is an emerging young artist based in Northwest Florida.


Katie is a self taught painter who enjoys experimenting with many mediums, including watercolors, acrylics, and oil paints. She learns as she paints and enjoys the process as much as the finished artwork.

Her personal style is heavily inspired by nature and the pacific northwest. She hopes to capture emotions and express the beautiful spirit of mother nature in her paintings.


Art Shows:


Art Classes:


Design Teams

February-May 2020, Dual Show,

Maple Valley Creative Arts Center

Maple Valley Art Walk, 2018-2021

People’s Choice, 2019 Maple Valley Arts Fest


Flynn Development Award, 2019 Maple Valley Arts Fest

Art Journaling Magazine Winter 2019

Brush Mag Issue 2

Brush Mag Issue 1

Stitch Craft Create Spring 2013 Issue

Creating Keepsakes Jan/Feb 2013 Online Content

Creating Keepsakes July/Aug 2012 Issue

Creating Keepsakes July/Aug 2011 Issue

Creating Keepsakes Mixed Media Special Issue

Star Trek Crafts

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